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How to Heal a Tattoo

Tattoo by Nick Baxter

Talk to almost anyone with tattoos and they all have different methods for healing that they consider The Right Way™ to do it. This is my personal The Right Way™: it has been thoroughly tested by years of experience, sensitive skin, allergies, and varying circumstances (such as traveling, adverse timing, etc). Remember that a fresh tattoo is an open wound, so expect it to behave like one!

Immediately after getting your tattoo:

  • During the first ~36 hours, wash gently and frequently with mild soap (ie. unscented Softsoap, Dial, Satin, etc.) and pat dry with paper towels. This keeps lymph from crusting to your skin. Allowing the lymph to harden on the skin’s surface can cause unsightly scabbing / scarring.
  • Keep the tattoo soft and prevent cracking by applying a light, non-greasy moisturizer. You may want to consider using Jojoba oil initially rather than lotion. Lotion can be harsh for an open wound. Jojoba oil is actually not an oil at all, it is an antibacterial, anti-fungal vegan liquid wax that does not contain triglycerides and is similar in chemical composition to human sebum (the natural oils that your skin produces). Therefore, it will not smother a tattoo or clog pores.
  • Large tattoos can cause some amount of discomfort. Over-the-counter painkillers (such as Ibuprofen or Aleve) before bed may help some people if discomfort keeps you awake.

Healing and Peeling:

  • The area around the tattoo may start to swell, especially if it is large and located on an extremity. This is normal. Sometimes arm/leg tattoo swelling can pinch nerves as well as spread to hands/feet, which can be painful. You may take an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen. You can also elevate and ice the limb, but make sure to wrap your ice pack in a clean paper towel and/or wear long sleeves or pants.
  • When the tattoo begins to peel, you can try to keep dry. Keeping it dry prevents flakes from being washed away when they aren’t ready to fall off yet. If you find this too difficult, just make sure you wash extra-gently during the peeling phase.
  • Moisturize with a gentle, non-greasy lotion (or Jojoba oil). Curel and Lubriderm are good choices. Lush’s Dream Cream is also a good option. Do not drown, smother, or slather your tattoo (less is more).
  • During the heavy peeling and then the “onion-skin” peeling phase that follows, the tattoo can get extremely itchy. If you can stand the ensuing pain, you may lightly slap the tattoo to relieve itching.

Things to avoid or look out for:

  • Don’t keep it wrapped up for more than 4-6 hours directly after your tattoo session.
  • Don’t go swimming or take a bath. Showers only.
  • When washing, never scrub or use a washcloth or loofah. Hands and gentle soap only.
  • Do not dry your tattoo with a towel, as they harbor bacteria. Instead, blot dry with clean paper towels.
  • Don’t use wound products (ie. Neosporin, Bacitracin, etc.). These types of greasy, antibacterial ointments can be disastrous for new tattoos, causing color loss, blurring, etc.
  • Don’t smother the tattoo with wrappings or aftercare products. It needs to breathe to heal properly. (Protecting from the elements with clean, cotton clothing is fine.)
  • Don’t use oil-based products on your tattoo. They can smother and clog pores. Jojoba oil (see above) is the exception, as it is not actually an oil.
  • Don’t use ‘Extra Strength Healing’ or ‘medicated’ lotions.
  • Don’t massage the swelling. It will go down by itself.
  • Don’t pick, scratch, squeeze, or peel the tattoo, no matter how tempting it might be!
  • Don’t use any topical anti-itch products such as Cortizone, Benadryl, etc.
  • If you get tiny, raised bumps (like pimples) on your tattoo during healing, it is most likely due to heavy-handed aftercare or slight irritation from the inks. This is not a normal part of the healing process, but it’s not particularly uncommon either. Remind yourself that “less is more” and throw out those heavy ointments and thick lotions. Use less product and go back to basics and chances are the reaction will resolve itself quickly.

Of note:

  • Reassess the appearance of your tattoo after 3-5 weeks. If some of the color was lost during healing, make arrangements with your tattoo artist for touch-ups.
  • If there are large sections of ink missing or the tattoo is blurred / fuzzy, you may want to reassess both your healing methods and your artist’s abilities / skill-level.
  • Some inks can cause allergic reactions if they are made with allergen-containing pigments, particularly metal-based inks. This can be avoided by requesting that your artist use only organic and/or vegan inks (a good brand is Eternal). A reaction may appear as late as months after the tattoo’s completion. The allergy commonly manifests as raised, oozing, itchy skin on the affected areas. This is caused by your body attempting to reject the ink and push it out. If you give it time, chances are that it will succeed and the reaction will subside. Patience is key because this rejection may take weeks, months, or even years.

There are definitely things that are specifically bad for tattoos and things that are good for them, but not everyone has the same reaction to the same circumstances. You should always keep in mind that no single method works “best” for every single person. We heal differently, we feel comfortable with different techniques and practices, so take these recommendations into account and find what suits you best and yields the best results.

REMEMBER: If you are having serious, persistent, or spreading skin problems concerning your tattoo, bite the bullet and go see a dermatologist. Don’t just keep slathering different products on it to “see if something eventually works”. Chances are this will make it worse, not better.


A lot of people have been asking me what to do about their troublesome tattoos. While I do my best to help based on anecdotal experience, I am NOT a medical professional, nor am I a tattoo artist—just an experienced collector! If you are having any kind of serious, very concerning, or uncommon problem, talk to your tattoo artist or a dermatologist! Chances are their advice is going to be more personally informed and indepth than advice you receive from a random stranger on the internet.

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86 Comments on “How to Heal a Tattoo”

  1. moe says:

    I’ve been googling and searching regarding applying lotion, but I can’t seem to find any info on it. I was just wondering during the healing/peeling phase am I supposed to apply the lubriderm lotion on the areas thats peeling also, or only around the areas of the tattoo that’s not peeling yet,cuz if I apply it to the spots that’s currently peeling wouldn’t that cause it to come off also? I’ve had my tattoo for 5 days now and it is starting to peel.

    Thank you for any help.

    • Kim says:

      You’ll need to apply the lotion to all areas of the tattoo, especially the areas that are peeling. Just do it gently and don’t worry if some of the flakes come off during application. And always, remember: if you have questions about aftercare that you can’t find answers to, ask your tattoo artist! Providing that they know their trade inside and out, they’ll be your best source of information.

  2. simone says:

    I got a large tattoo filled in on my last vacation in July and my arm was swollen for a few days because of the shading. It’s now August and I still have these tiny little bumps on the lower half of the tattoo that’s not going away. I kind of stopped putting anything on it to help it dry them out a bit.

    I don’t know if it’s because of the hot sun or the red ink and my skin(I’m african American). I went to another tattoo artist at the shop but he told me to put Neosporin(I think he was just trying to rush me) So I’ve been using a little bit of this tattoo balm I got from a convention called Rocco’s Old school tattoo balm which basically is shea butter. I think I’m going to try the jojoba oil to see if that helps with the bumps.

    Any advice you can give to me on that let me know.


    • Kim says:

      If it’s only been less than a month, I wouldn’t worry too much yet. As it was mentioned in the post, the tiny, pimple-like bumps are often the result of too much aftercare. If your tattoo is no longer dry / peeling, you might consider simply leaving it alone for a few weeks (or at least only applying aftercare once a day). I wouldn’t recommend switching between too many different types of aftercare; that’s likely to prolong or worsen the irritation.

      You should be able to tell if it’s red reaction pretty easily: it will itch very badly and will specifically affect only areas in which red ink was used (or a mixture of red and some other color, like white = pink). Red reaction has a pretty distinctive look. It’s usually large, very raised bumps that can be fluid-filled. To be blunt, red reaction looks quite visibly “gross”. If you’re only experiencing tiny bumps that don’t itch badly, it’s most likely a temporary irritation.

      Even organic inks can sometimes cause irritations if you have sensitive skin and sun is bad for tattoos in general. Use zinc oxide based sunblock (paraben sunscreen will NOT protect tattoos as it absorbs light rather than reflecting it and also contains irritating chemicals). Heat can also cause them to itch and get raised (natural, nothing to worry about).

      If the bumps refuse to subside after several months, consider seeing a dermatologist (hopefully one that won’t give you grief about tattoos!) I had small, persistent bumps on one section of one tattoo for months and ended up using a prescription topical steroid prescribed for me by a dermatologist. Be warned, topical steroids can and will fade ink if used frequently.

      I hope that any of this information was helpful and that your issues resolve quickly!

  3. Nancy says:

    I got my new tattoo done 4 days ago and I’ve been using aveeno daily moisturizers lotion for the healing process and washing it wit antibacterial soap 3 times a day, I’m already noticing a bit scabbing. So I’m switching to A&D ointment now because I’m afraid that is scabbing too early. I don’t understand I would apply lotion very often so it would t dry I don’t get why is scabbing already.

    • Kim says:

      Peeling after four days is completely normal. The peeling is not caused by the skin being too dry, it’s caused by the natural healing process. Continue gently applying lotion as usual. I wouldn’t recommend switching aftercare; it sounds like the Aveeno was working just fine.

      • angel says:

        Hello I did get a tatto about 2 weeks ago. It does have red in it. I have the raised bumps and itchy…. im sure it is a red reaction. What do I do??

  4. emi says:

    I got those bumps its been a wk since my tattoo, and i never got the bumps with my 1st tattoo and i had applied onitment on it, way more then with this one now, but it was a different town and different tattoo artist, i felt like i hadnt been applying enough onitment like i did with the 1st….could it just be the ink? i feel like i should pop them or poke it with a needle….they itch so bad 🙁 and slapping doesnt work lol.

    • emi says:

      oh, i kept my 1st tattoo very moist and it healed up nicely, with this one since i have a 2yr old its hard to do that, i only do it about twice a day (morning and afternoon) from what i was told and read about doing research online that “less is more” ….and now starting to regret it… confused.

    • Kim says:

      NEVER pop anything or poke anything with a needle; that’s an invitation for bacterial infection and other bad things (like scarring). If you don’t feel comfortable consulting the artist who gave you the tattoo (either in person or via phone), see a dermatologist. A prescription topical steroid can clear up mild irritation bumps and itchiness, just beware: such prescriptions can cause the ink to fade if used too heavily.

    • Tobraham says:

      ** witch hazel **
      I’ve had tremendous success with witch hazel on my bumps. It’s used to treat inflammation, razor burn, hemmorhoids and minor rashes. Use a Tuck’s medicated on the bumpy areas and DO NOT pop the white ones or it will spread!

      • Kim says:

        This is a great suggestion, I hadn’t thought of this! Should be harmless to the ink, but effective in treating the irritation. Thank you for commenting!

  5. Raymond says:

    Thanks for the good info, Unfortunately i read this after a month of doing about the exact opposite of good healing practices. So no I have a lot of hard, light red, bumps, some with white heades, non itchy on my tattoos. I am about a month and a few days out and it still looks pretty rough. I have no pain or irritation, I would just like my tattoo to look pretty : / any tips or help. right now im just rubbing aloe vera on it with a light moisturizer with vitamin E, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium called MII. Thanks 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Hi Raymond, I’m sorry I missed your comment earlier. I hope your issues have resolved by now. Aloe vera + a fortified moisturizer is most likely too much aftercare. Try letting the tattoo dry out, using nothing on it except a very sparing bit of plain, hypoallergenic lotion. If your problems persist, I would recommend talking to a dermatologist at this point– you may benefit from a prescription topical steroid (used sparingly!).

  6. Ørjan Utne says:

    Hello! Great article! I got my back tattoo aprx.three days ago, and now the skin peeling is starting to commence. I just had a 24hour trip with plane and etcetera, and I “panicked” a bit when I saw the dry peeling skin. I am guessing this is normal, but I am also noticing son color blurring (not outside the lines of the tattoo but on the inside) and I am wondering if this is normal, and if there is any chance it will fix itself after its done healing?

    • Kim says:

      At three days, peeling is normal. Without being able to see the tattoo, I can’t say if the blurring will be an issue, but be aware that during the peeling phase, the tattoo will basically get pretty ugly. Lines will bulge, appear crooked, colors will look bumpy and blurred, etc., but it’s because the outer layers of epidermis are cracking and sloughing off. Underneath, the tattoo often looks perfectly fine. I wouldn’t worry about the blurring right now, just concentrate on healing. Once healing is done, reassess and there’s a good chance the tattoo will look like it’s meant to. Good luck!

  7. grace says:

    I got my tattoo last Monday and washed it that night and the next day
    with antibacterial
    soap and used tattoo goo to keep it from drying up. A friend of mine told
    me not to use anything except a&d ointment or unscented lotion for a few days because it will ruin the color. I dont have the ointment so i just used unscented lotion and then laa day or two after ive been washing it. I started getting red pimple like bumps all around my tattoo and they seem to be spreading..should I be worried? What should I do?

    • Kim says:

      I would recommend consulting with your tattoo artist. If it hasn’t been very long, stop using products on it and just wash it gently with hypoallergenic soap. If you have additional concerns or it continues to spread, see a dermatologist!

    • Julie says:

      I also had my tattoo done abt a week ago
      and I also got tiny red pimples around the tattoo but not on it
      I don’t know what to do. How have u sorted out urs?
      Please help!

    • Julie says:

      I have the asme problem. I have tiny red pimples around my tattoo but not on it. Did urs go away? What did you use? Please help!

    • Francine says:

      Hi Grace,
      This is identical to my story!
      Was wanting to know if the bumps around your tat got better or not and how soon they got better and what you did to make it better.

  8. Patrick says:

    So pimple like bumps all over tattoo is normal? Mine is about a week old and have never had bumps on any of my other tattoos so it’s totally freaking me out! I was told to let it dry heal for a few days but it seems so dry! I’m not only concerned about infection but also the tattoo itself. Help!!

    • Kim says:

      No, pimple-like bumps all over a tattoo is never considered normal… it means that something is wrong, though what’s wrong can vary from very benign to fairly serious. Was your tattoo artist the person who told you to let it dry heal? If so, continue on that path or address your concerns about dryness with them. You could consider using a sparing amount of pure Jojoba oil, which is a vegan, hypoallergenic, antibacterial liquid wax with similar properties to natural human skin oils. Note: you’ll probably need to order the oil online. If the problem is persistent or spreading / worsening though, I would recommend you visit a dermatologist.

  9. kassi says:

    hey, i just got my 7th tattoo approx. 2 days ago and i got 2 little bumps on it.. it’s just a lineart tattoo, no color or shaded areas and i’ve been using aquaphor as i’ve done for the other 6. i also got my 6th one the same day and it’s just fine. one of the bumps is just a little bump and no itching/pain so i’m not so worried about it, but the other bump is bigger and kind of painful. it has since opened up and slightly oozed a bit.. i cleaned the aquaphor off and am going to try letting it dry out. i’m not worried about my tattoo messing up because i can get it touched up, i just am worried about infection.. any ideas what this could be?

    • Kim says:

      If you keep it clean (gentle washing with hypoallergenic soap) and loosely covered (ie., just with cotton clothing), you shouldn’t have to worry about infection. It might just be irritation, in which case if you care for it gently and keep it protected, hopefully it will resolve pretty quickly. Good luck!

  10. kat says:

    i got a tatoo dat has more than a year its got a serious rush that does not fade wgat can i do

    • Kim says:

      Your description is not very detailed, but it sounds like an allergic reaction, possibly red reaction if the tattoo has any red inorganic ink in it. Please read the post above for details on red reaction. If this does not sound like what you have, see a dermatologist.

  11. latorA says:

    My tattoo is two weeks old. I have huge red rose one my side. The first day I broke out with red bumps around it. Some went away two turn into a a painful raised. I have a white bump in the middle of my tattoo. The pain is unbearable sometimes.was using a&d ointment the first week. Is this normal?

  12. Charlotte says:

    My seem lkee a bit of a premature question but I had a tattoo approx 8 by 3 inches on my outer thigh yesterday and this morning it was fine but after coming home from work it has swollen around the tattoo and has gone red. Its a little sore but doesnt hurt to touch. Although my thigh is a little warm. Is this normal?

    • Kim says:

      As it says above, “The area around the tattoo may start to swell, especially if it is large and located on an extremity. This is normal.” Please read the post thoroughly for more tips and information; yes, swelling and a little heat can be completely normal and expected, particularly if the tattoo is on a limb. The post details some measures you can try to help reduce swelling and any pain associated with it. What you have to remember is that a fresh tattoo is an open wound. It will behave as such. Swelling, pain, itching during healing, etc. are your body’s natural reactions to healing a wound.

    • Breezy says:

      The redness sounds to me like what I call the heat. If it’s a fairly big tattoo on a muscle part of your body it can get slightly red around the tattoo and have just a bit but not much of heat coming from it. It’s completely normal. However if the redness around your tattoo starts to get dark red lines or streaks it’s most likely becoming infected. See a dermatologist right away. 🙂

  13. Cindy says:

    I came across your article by searching for “pinched nerves from tattoos” and found it to be extremely helpful. My sister recently got a tattoo on her hip (about three days ago) and had some pretty unusual symptoms. She has most of her back done so she was expecting pain, but the area got incredibly swollen, started “oozing”, she broke out into cold sweats throughout the night and now she can’t even walk. Her limping is what sparked alarm, but after doing some research, we’ve decided it must be a pinched nerve. In your experience, have you heard of this type of reaction before? Thanks for any help!

    • Kim says:

      I’m less certain about the cold sweats, but a lot of swelling leading to pinched nerves, absolutely! I had this happen when I had my lower leg sleeve done… it happened after every session, so a total of four separate occasions. It definitely got to the point where I had difficulty walking. I tried a variety of things to try to manage the swelling (even herbal remedies), but in the end it’s more a matter of waiting for it to resolve on its own as patiently as possible. Try anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen or Aleve. Elevating the limb and icing (making sure to wrap the ice pack in paper towels first, of course) can help too… basically, do the same things you would do for any limb/joint injury that results in a lot of swelling. It’s frustrating and painful, but it will resolve as the swelling subsides!

  14. sean says:

    Hello my friend. I got my thigh tattood and a week or so after I got these red bumps. Thing is I have gotten tattoos before and to make matters worse the red spots on my leg are now on other parts of my body like my chest and neck. What do I do. They dont really itch and my leg is not warm. I just want these spots or pimples to go away and stop spreading. I used cortisone as a last minute resource. But uusually lubriderm. Please my friend what do I do? 🙁

    • Kim says:

      As it says above in the post, “If you are having serious, persistent, or spreading skin problems concerning your tattoo, bite the bullet and go see a dermatologist.” Sounds like your rash is spreading, so you should really go see a doctor! I’m not a medical professional, so I cannot give advice on that… but I wish you good luck. 🙁

  15. emily says:

    I got a tattoo last friday (five days ago) there is only black shading. It does not seem to hurt as much anymore but half of my tattoo is still red. It is warm to the touch but I wouldn’t consider it to be “hot”. I have been washing it three times a day and putting a thin layer of Curel on it. It seems like it is starting to scab but I’m noticing some of the small hard scab-like areas are slightly green. I’ve read online that it is most likely just the ink mixing with the scab, but could it be infected? It isn’t oozing anything and I can move my arm without any pain (the tattoo is on the front of my shoulder) thanks!

  16. Angela says:

    I got my tattoo on my right forearm 3 days ago I’ve been applying a&d ointment on it today I woke up and found some raised bumps in the tattoo is this normal

  17. angel says:

    I have several tattoos. I just got two new ones on my wrists. One does have a lot of red in it. The other is purple. I am sure it is a red reaction. .. why do I do? It is raised in the red area and itchy. HeLP!!

    • Kim says:

      Unfortunately, there is not really anything you can do about red reaction except wait. Your body should eventually reject the ink and resolve some of the reaction on its own, but this can take years. A dermatologist might be able to prescribe you a topical steroid to provide some relief, but there aren’t really any home remedies or easy solutions. Next time, be careful to request organic inks (like Eternal) or even avoid red and red hues completely.

      • charisma says:

        Hey I just got my 2sd tattoo about a week ago and I forgot to clean it but also can’t really reach it to clean it either but I notice that I have white and red bumps around it and it itches and hurts but was told not to scratch it or mess with it if gotten people to but a&d on it but now what how long will it take for the bumps to go away and what do I have to do to make them go away??

    • Amber says:

      I also had an alergic reaction to tatto ink, in my case it was purple, and it had nickel in it. I hate to tell you, but for me its now 5 years later and it still itches and its still raised. Almost all the ink has been rejected but it has a strange hue to it now. My alergy was definitely caused by that specific metal in the ink. Luckily it’s a small spot on my foot, but when it does itch, it’s so bad I make myself bleed scratching.

  18. Lucek says:

    I just got tattooed on February 21st in my left forearm. And i think im experiencing the “Onion skin” which it clears when it get wet or moist. I was a bit worried at first but after reading your article I understood its a normal process.

    I’m going to fill it with color this Saturday (March 8th), hope the onion skin gets away and doesnt interfere with the colouring.

    ps Sorry for my bad english writing skills.

  19. aracely says:

    i got a tattoo on thursday of last week. i noticed 2 days later i was getting a pimply rash around my tattoo. now today, tuesday, i have the rash ALL OVER my tattoo. i was using A&D the first 2 days, and i switched over to lubiderm. to wash it i use the orange dial. WHT DO I DO? im freaking ou!!

    • Amber says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Are you sensitive to any metals? Like you can’t wear jewelery unless its real? I turn green when I wear fake earrings or rings due to my allergy to nickel. You may be having an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the tattoo ink. Any color in your new tat?

  20. Michael Massey says:

    Hello I got a lettering tattoo saying grandad On my chest and there’s a small spot/pimple On the g. I’m applying bephanten on it 3 times a day for the past 5 days what should I do can you please help me out as I love for this tattoo to come out well thank you

  21. Mariana says:

    Hello there,
    i recently got a tattoo 4 days ago its a quarter sleeve on my thigh im a tiny girl so i think it was in one session regardless i got swelling from the beginning till now. The swelling seems like its getting bigger. The tattoo shows no sign of infection i think? The only thing i can notice is like three Spots where the skin seems a little upraised, maybe from a heavy hand or hard shading? My question is; is this normal ? I asked my tattoo artist he said it was fine but i cant even walk and it still hurts.

  22. C says:

    So I just got inked a few days ago. I was wondering if I could clean it with wet naps during the day while I’m at work. It’s in an awkward place (over my ribs and down my side) so I don’t fancy stripping down in my office bathroom to clean it with water, wetting my pants in the process. Will wet naps affect my tattoo, its ink and healing process? I have unscented, hypo-allergenic wet naps. Any help would be much appreciated.

  23. james says:

    i just had a tattoo done an i am seeing red like pimples in certain areas i have bin applying aquaphore on it should i stop using it an just let it breath will that make the pimple looking things go away

  24. Rebecca Ruiz says:

    hi i can across this using google. i got a tattoo a week ago its peeling and i noticed a little bump. i squeezed it and clear liquids coming out i dont think its infected but i decided to comment to get your input.

  25. Steff says:

    Hi I have a dark spot around my tattoo and this is week 4. I realized i put ice on it. I put idex and tiger balm for the swelling. It was never red but now there is a dark spot surrounding the tattoo. What should I do?

  26. Sabrina says:

    i got my tattoo on june 12th 2014 and a few days before it was a full month old i noticed my black tattoo looking kinda milky i went to my artist and he said it looked like i was taking care of it&it needed 3 additional weeks of healing. that would make 7 that something to worry about?i know everyones body handles tattoos differently,but i’m a person who worries,especially with it being a permanent thing such as a tattoo…i want to love my tattoo and not have to keep worrying..can you offer any advice of relief??

  27. Naomi says:

    Hey I got two tattoos 4 days ago, one on my foot and the other on my back.
    I’m applying lotion on it every morning and night and noticed my back one has started flaking and peeling off. The area is still tender to touch in some places, is this normal?
    However my foot has scabbed over but hasn’t begun peeling.
    Does the body heal certain tattoos quicker depending on the location?
    Thanks x

    • Amber says:

      Coming from someone who has 9 separate tattoos and a half sleeve, I can tell you from experience that the location of the tattoo can make a HUGE difference in how it heals. My chest piece healed much quicker than my wrist, one moves around a lot more. I would not worry about timing of your two healing tats, only worry about signs of infection or allergy. Infection would look like green or white pus, or red lines/ streaks coming away from the inked area. Allergy symptoms vary greatly, but watch for raised tattooed skin or a rash on or around the tattoo.

  28. oyin says:

    My fiance is realy complaining on my tatoo that I should look for solution to clean it am realy confuse what do I do plsssssss I need your assistant or anything that can make it fade

  29. oyin says:

    My mother inlaw is also complaining about it please should do now I need your help plsssssssssssssssssssss to save my relationship

  30. kritika says:

    Hi Kim

    I have read almost all the comments but nowhere oozing thing being discussed upon. Unfortunately, i have also got this tattoo done, which i am regretting so much. Besides the continuous pain, at times unbearable, it has now started oozing. However not smelly. My skin is no longer remain has become uneven, probably because the upper layer is oming off…which my tattoo artist already made me aware of.

    I am only wondering, if this is the natural process of healing or am also bitten by some infection.

  31. Tia says:

    I had my tattoo done on 7/9 and I started to notice that all of the tree branches are raised up and almost blister like. Now keep in mind, my tattoo is HUGE and it’s my first. So I have no idea what to expect. At first I thought I had a bug bit on one of the branches of the tree, then i looked more into it, and noticed it was almost like small blisters throughout the whole thing. It seems to be on the darkest parts of the tattoo (my tattoo only has black ink). I went to the doctors and got some Triamcinolone Acetonide Lotion (steroid cream) and i haven’t noticed it helping yet. I am scheduled to have the rest of my tattoo done next Wednesday and I’m a little worried about what will happen. I did contact my artist and he said he thought maybe it was from using sun screen, which i guess is a HUGE no no, and i have been putting it on. Does anyone know what these blister link bumps through my whole tattoo are? They only appear to be on the parts that have darker black ink. I’m sorta worried!!

  32. Jay says:

    I got my Tattoo a month and some change ago, last week I went swimming, (I know, pretty stupid of me) and and a few days after my Tattoo started getting these weird bumps, i thought it would go away, but they keep getting a little bigger .-. it doesn’t itch or anything, but I’m worried about it.

  33. Katryn says:

    I recently got my first tattoo done last week. It’s located on my back. I’ve been noticing that on and around my tattoo are red-pimple like bumps. When I first got my outline done on this first tattoo, nothing like that happened. It healed properly. But when I went in the 2nd time to get it shaded, a couple days later I started noticing those red-pimple like bumps. I was ‘t worried at first because there were only a couple of them, but then I started to notice there were more than a couple that was on my back. I’m really scared because this is my first tattoo. What should I do?

  34. Dwane says:

    Try for the itching, they have several all natural ingredient are for tattoo care that remove itching and skin issues. It worked well for me

  35. tiffany says:

    I got a tattoo a month ago and it still haven’t peeled

  36. Dwane says:

    Try aftercare to heal a tattoo, they have all natural healing ingredients, that reduce itching and pain and include antipathetic. So not only is it very healthy for your skin it makes the wound fell better. Plus it cheap.

    PS it really does also make the tattoo and skin underneath shine.

  37. angel black. says:

    Hi, I just got my first tattoo Monday night. and I was wondering is it okay to get pimple like bumps on your tattoo.? I read that but i’m still not sure. I mean I’m really scared.

  38. Chocolat says:

    Thanks Kim you. Very helpful wish i had of found this article a couple days ago. Smh i busted a couple of the fluid filed pimples i hope it goes away i figured it was a allergic reaction because it had never happened and i have six. I’m gonna try the jojoba oil. And witch hazel trick and see what happens happens hopefully they go away they were places not even by the original tattoo area but like you said A doctor can help thank you! Wish everybody would read the responses before they ask the same question a million times lol, keep up the good work very helpful!!!!

  39. Christine says:

    Hi I got a tattoo on Tuesday and now is Friday. Its on my lower leg/shin…I got 5 flowers…the purple are fine but the raspberry ones have what seem to be small blisters right in the center where the heavier shading is…it doesn’t hurt and the seem to be going down…do u think there is anything to worry about.. The redness and swelling has gone and it had started to scab.

  40. Ray says:

    My tat looked amazing when I first got it. There is a lot of red in it. Am from U.S. But live in South America. I have received several tats here all from different artists, no problems, all look good in my opinion. This one, three weeks later has 8/10 peeled, it is a large one on my inner biceps, right arm. Not only do I have these red bumps close to but not on or in tat, they also extend down to my inner arm below crux of arm. Stupidly, I squeezed one, and clear liquid came out. I went to a pharmacy here and the recommended oral antibiotics ( Kalitron ) which I started two days ago. Of the ten pills, I have taken four. There does seem to be a very little improvement. I have an appointment June 3 with same artist to do Trash Polka, with a lot of red. Obviously I react to the red ink. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Ohh, also here in these countries they all recommend after care of three days of cleaning with a correct soap, but then re wrapping in saran wrap, then beginning a skin lotion (dermaglos) until peeling stops. Also, my new tat looks dry, scaly, and ugly. I have no access to tatbalm down here…. Thanks for any helpful ideas!

  41. Lauren says:

    Hi last week I had my lower leg sleeve started and a few days after I started to get bumps not on the tattoo, but all around it and up my thigh and a few on my other leg as well. Most of them are red and flat but some have a white head to them. note, I had staph 4 years ago with an under the table tattoo, same reaction as now but before was every square inch of my waist with these bumps. So I’m not sure. Contacted my artist and she has never seen it before. Do you think it may be an allergy to the ink? Or maybe my staph has come back and is treating the large tattoo as an open wound? I wanted to get another opinion before I go to see a doctor. I Stopped Putting lotion on it yesterday morning and did put benedryl on the bumps Today.

  42. Jennifer says:

    Hi so I recently finished my tattoo off , on Saturday I got the shading done and the Saturday before is where I got my lines done and he used plastic wrap and while I was on my way home I was on severe pain and it stung and when I got home I washed it and applied aquaphor as he said to do so and then later that night it was hurting even more and it was swollen to the point it was sticking out and I was worried cause I never got a tattoo this big before and a liquid was coming out and I was googling and it said it could be plasma so I didn’t worry and then it was hot and I had sharp pains so I texted my tattoo artist and explained and he said its normal symptoms but I was still a bit unsure and then I washed yesterday and it went down and now it’s not swollen only a little in certain areas but now it peeling on where the bumps were and it’s like cracked looking and it’s red fleshy red ? Help apreciated in advance

  43. Gabby says:

    Hi, I was wondering if it’s normal for a 4 day old tatoo to be very itchy? I can’t remember if my other tats were itchy or not.. But ya its driving my nutts lol.. I have washed it n keep putting a&d ointment on it..

  44. Darlene says:

    Hey, I had my tattoo done about 6 weeks ago. It was 2 coloured bird on my back. I used bapamthem (if that’s how you spell it) on mine. It still feels rough, scabbed. One bird is worse then the other. I didn’t use a whole lot of healing stuff when I got it done so I’ve let it try a lot as I’ve been told that using to much stuff can actually withdraw the colour. But my tattoo feels so horrible and I can’t actually see it myself to tell what it really looks like. I just know it feels like it’s still scabbed and very rough. Any advice?

  45. janean says:

    i got a tat 3 days ago… ive been using neosporin. ive heard alot of yays n nays on that but it has always worked great for me…. So my question, i dont have the red bumps alot of people complain of however all the way around my work itches like a mad house!! i have over 20 tats but i get them fairly spaced apart – time wise i mean – so i dont remember if this is a normal part of the healing?

  46. hi, i just got my tattoo last sept. 5 so it’s been two weeks, after more than a week, it seems that it was healed already since that all the details of my tattoo have peeled, but after few daysor the start of tje third week, all the black linings were all raised and it seems that the black linings want to come out of my skin and its so itchy and sometimes pained, now its alteady three days of this situation.. i am planning to consult to a dermatologist but still want to ask first for some suggestions from you. thanks.

  47. Kyanno says:

    I just got a hand tattoo four days ago. I started noticing what looks like small pimples on my tattoo on the third day and today on the fourth they have exploded and are leaking a clearish yellow tinted liquid. It doesnt have a scent to it, but should i be concerned? I admit that i did mess up and left the saran wrap dressing on my hand throughout the first whole night. The next day i noticed my tattoo looked over moisturized and pruned. Help?

  48. Austin says:

    Hi my name is Austin I’ve my tattoo about a week it had serious scabbing at first I was using tattoo goo lotion but that’s no good I’ve been using jergins hydrating lotion but my tattoo seems to not want to hydrate it’s a black and white tattoo not much color/shading but the peeling has stopped as of now but it’s still scabbing bigger

  49. Jennifer says:

    I had my tatto for a month now
    When last week to get a touch up
    In a few parts that the ink did not grab
    I wanna know why the parts he touched up
    Are poping it and not blessing with the rest of my tatto
    They look fade this and craky can i just re touch the whole thing?

  50. Michele Densmore says:

    My husband had gotton a tattoo a little over a month .He washed it with tattoo soap and then used tattoo goo and it started bubbling he changed to a and d and it still did it. So he stoppped and let it dry up. But now a month later he just noticed a blister on the blue part again do u think he should have it seen, could it be alergic reaction still. Thank you michele

  51. Dani says:

    I think I applied too much ointment on my new tattoo
    that is on my wrist, causing peeling to be too quick,
    now I have red bumps around my tattoo, itching like
    crazy. I’m appling Bactroban now, I’m I going the right
    way about it… It has also faded alot. Help???

  52. Zach says:

    I just got my first tattoo on my hand like 5 days ago and there’s red bumps that itch an my ink is all black what should I do? Someone please help

  53. Kate says:

    I got my first tattoo a couple of months ago and I put lotion on it three or more times daily. But it still scabbed over and it was bumpy and cracked.
    I went back for my touch up this past week because a lot of the ink had come out of the tattoo. The person who did my tattoo said she hadn’t gone in deep enough and we did a touch up. After a few hours of the touch up, like she suggested, I put on lotion and I’ve been applying it about 4 times a day or more now and it has STILL scabbed over and it’s bumpy and cracked like before. I don’t know how to proceed from here because I really don’t want to mess my tattoo up any more. I appreciate any advice you can give me.

  54. H says:

    Hi got my tattoo around 3 weeks ago on my wrist. Besides the fact that the artist really messed up the design (was suppose to be watercolour tattoo), it has been peeling like crazy and the skin has not recovered. it is hard with lines that look like scarring. I went to the doctor he said he sees keloids. Will the hard skin ever go away? Will technology like Picosure remove water colour tattoos? I also developed redness and red spots all over the tattoo. Any idea what those are? I have been applying anti bacterial cream / medo and anti scarring. Please help.

  55. Andy w says:

    Hi every time I have a tattoo for months sometimes up to a year later I get zits particularly on my tattoo. But also elsewhere. I think I am sensitive to the petroleum based creams the artist puts on.what would you recommend for the spots?

  56. linda says:

    I had I tattoo done in December 6 weeks later it started to itch
    tried creams to no effect so I went to the doctor he said it was a reaction to the inks used yet my other tattooed I have never bothered me and that’s has red ink in it
    the new tattoo has pink and blue flowers with green leaves a butterfly coloured with deep purple and deep pink the butterfly has no raised bumps and does not itch like the rest of it

  57. Sam Wolfe says:

    My husband got a tattoo and several months later, pimple like bumps showed up in certain areas of the tattoo… try don’t hurt or cause any problems so we’re not sure what they are… They’re not white though, they look just like raised pimps in his skin.

  58. Clay says:

    I had my newest tatt for over a month nd you can still feel the lines in it. I been skin erything im pose to with it, its just not working idk why. Its getting really annoying nd i really want to go to the shop i had got it done nd complain bout it, what can i do

  59. Thank. For. You. For. Your. Answer. I was. Getting. Little. Bup like. Zits mark. But. You answer my question. The little. Bumps. Are. Going. Away I just leave alone. Than. You

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