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Multiple sclerosis minor brainisms

One of the most frustrating things about MS for me has been the memory problems.

It is the strangest thing in the world to forget things you know, but only temporarily. For about three days (maybe longer?) I couldn’t remember the name of one of my former coworkers. We’d gone out to coffee together less than a week ago. I could picture every detail of his face, his voice, the things we talked about. I’ve known him for three years but I couldn’t remember his name. After days of struggling to recall on my own, I was about to go on Facebook to look his name up when suddenly I remembered it. Now I keep repeating it to myself over and over, paranoid I’ll forget again.

Sometimes I forget how to type. I am a computer professional so it’s kind of important. But once in a while I lose all the muscle memory associated with typing. I forget where all the letters are and just spew nonsense garbage if I’m at a keyboard.

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