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Cretaceous Sleeve Tattoo

Cretaceous Sleeve

A photo gallery of the progression and final results of my Cretaceous-themed sleeve tattoo by Nick Baxter in Austin, Texas.

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Tebori Tattoos


So, people say that there are three types of people who get tattoos; the collector, the casual, and the curious.  I never really agreed with these very small categories- after all, there are a million reasons to go under the needle, so to speak- but for simplicity’s sake, I will say that I am a […]

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How to Heal a Tattoo

Tattoo by Nick Baxter

Talk to almost anyone with tattoos and they all have different methods for healing that they consider The Right Way™ to do it. This is my personal The Right Way™: it has been thoroughly tested by years of experience, sensitive skin, allergies, and varying circumstances (such as traveling, adverse timing, etc).

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